OpenCart Support Ticketing System

OpenCart / Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

Today, success in e-commerce is determined by communication with consumers. Help desk solutions developed for support teams streamline the process, boosting loyalty and brand image. OpenCart software is guaranteed to increase your sales.

This flexible support ticketing system was designed to meet the needs of online stores. Based on ticket processing, it ensures all customer queries are dealt with and all interactions are recorded for future reference. This management platform will centralize all your incoming tickets, assigning different status as needed. In addition, the software is easy to install.

Important Features

  1. Administrator Dashboard
    Instant access to all significant details. Here, you will see a complete overview of your operations: the total number of orders, sales figures and analytics, all customers, people currently online, and much more.
  2. User Management
    Effective collaboration and division of responsibilities are key to successful store management. With OpenCart, you may divide users into groups, set advanced privileges and separate access.
  3. Multi-Store
    Use a single admin interface to run several stores. Set product ranges and prices for each store. Set different themes and localized settings.
  4. Options and attributes
    The software allows setting and addition of applicable product variables, such as size, color, length, or height.
  5. Affiliates system
    Within an inbuilt system, your affiliates may promote your products and receive payments for it. Choose different percentages for different affiliates, as well as payment options like bank transfers, Paypal or cheque.
  6. Discounts, coupons, and special offers
    Merchants often resort to reducing their prices in order to be competitive. With  OpenCart, you will see suggestions of specials, discounts and coupons to attract more customers and boost sales.
  7. Back-up and restore

The system enables you to set up restorations and back-ups in case an emergency occurs.

  1. Extensions and new features

Explore the array of extensions available in the marketplace. Discover easy ways to update and edit information, including bulk editing of products and categories. A dedicated support team provides quick extension support free of charge.

Ticket Management

OpenCart makes it easier to track, alter and resolve customer requests. Here are a few of the many benefits that come with this support ticketing system.

  • Staff can assign tickets to a certain Group, Team, and Agent. This ensures a faster resolution.
  • The Filter option allows employees to find a ticket by searching for different properties.
  • The system displays detailed information about each ticket with various statuses and labels.
  • Any supported file may be attached to reply messages from support.

Overall, OpenCart is the optimal solution for any e-commerce enterprise. With its flexibility and versatility, it will enhance your communication with customers. The high quality of support increases trust in your brand, and loyalty brings higher profits.

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